On this blogsite, Will Sherlund will be sharing information about Gutter Fighting Secrets, products and services related to personal and physical safety, as well as some of the things Will has accomplished in his lifetime.

The first set of blogs will be on Gutter Fighting Secrets, the DVD, hand-to-hand combat principles of Gutter Fighting Secrets, and more.  Readers can also expect articles on personal security and personal protection that Will Sherlund has extensive knowledge and considerable experience.

Meanwhile, other articles will introduce upcoming products and services from Gutter Fighting Secrets, including its newest offering that helps ready contingency plans for families and individuals in the event of national emergencies.

Will Sherlund will also be tackling fitness on his blogs, exploring various topics, including the  Warrior Weightloss Program of Gutter Fighting Secrets, which he has tried and tested on the road to losing over 120 pounds.


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